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Working from the floor is the name for exercises and activities with the horse while we, as well as the horse, stand and move on the ground. When working from the floor, we can connect with the horse much more easily, because for us and the horse, that contact is much more natural than riding itself. When working from the floor, we see the whole horse, and it is easier for us to read his body language and facial expressions, which tell us how he feels and how he uses his body while doing an exercise.

Working from the floor offers us various possibilities: mental and physical rehabilitation of horses, work on horse self-confidence, better understanding of horse biomechanics, preparation for riding, developing communication with the horse, games with the horse, solving behavioral problems... If you want to learn to work with floor with your horse or you think that such work would suit him and could support you on your journey together, contact us.

Working from the floor is our specialty.

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