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Free horses on Bile mountains

Get to know true nature of horses 

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 We offer you an unforgettable and immediate experience of learning about horse behaviour and herd dynamics with free horses on Bile mountains. They are located in Bosnia and Herzegovina above the city of Mostar, and you can join us on a fully organized two-day or a three-day educational trip that you will enjoy and remember. 

Short description

We will spend our days in light hiking and observing numerous herds and interesting situations that occur. Our accommodation is about 10 minutes from Bile in a small but excellent resort. Departure from Zagreb is in the morning by a private car. Return is by car and it is included in the price. 

There are two options: long and short visit…

— A long visit means that we are with the horses for 3 full days + a couple of hours on the day of arrival
Price ~ 600 €

(*  570 € if you register by January 31 )

—A short visit means that we are with the horses for 2 full days + a couple of hours on the day of arrival

~ 540 €

(* 510 € if you register by January 31 )

The price includes:

- travel expenses Zagreb-Bile, Bile - Zagreb 

- accommodation (single rooms *in case you don't want otherwise)

- breakfast

- donation for horses

- expert guidance

(*Payable in two equal installment payments  - the 1st installment is also the reservation, the 2nd  is paid on the day of the departure

* if you cannot go, a refund is possible up to 40 days before the trip, reduced by 20%

Dates for 2023

Long visit:

April 27 - May 1 Thursday - Monday  (*1st of May)

October 11 -15  Wednesday -Sunday


Short visit:

June 8 - June 11 Thursday - Sunday 

September 21 - September 24 Thursday - Sunday

Groups are small! Secure your place in time!

What awaits you?

The trip to Bile is difficult to describe because a good part of the experience goes beyond words. It is difficult to describe the energy of those horses and those moments of contact that are so cautious, yet so curious, free and full of trust.

For example the moment when you are sitting in a meadow and a herd of horses comes to you, mares and foals slowly approach you, and you look to see who will dare to smell you first. . . so you walk those hills, you follow various herds, you see how each stallion has his own style of leadership, and every step you take smells of thyme in nature that leaves you breathless.

This is a journey that I didn't know how long I needed until I went on it.

Svea, Zagreb
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