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We are bound by our love for a natural approach to horses and great knowledge gained from numerous educations in Croatia and abroad. Team Jednorog consists of three women with a common goal - communication with the horse as the primary element of work.

"Working with horses allows me to introspect and builds me as a person. To see progress in the horse and in our communication is to see my own success in the happiness of another being.
I can't imagine life without horses."
                                                                                     Maja Zivanovic
Maja Zivanovic

Maja is a graduate pedagogue and French language teacher and the proud owner of Lina and Bowi. She was born in Zagreb in 1985. He has been dealing with horses since he was 9 years old. They competed in show jumping and dressage riding. Maja's competition pairs were most often horses with "problems" and she starts to find ways to build trust and cooperation with them very early. Thanks to his father, Maja as a child came into contact with various literature about horses and intuitively explored communication from the saddle. Maja's desire has always been to work with horses in a way that is comfortable for both her and them.


Since 2013, with the aim of better understanding horses and the relationship we build with them, Maja studies Natural Horsemanship and learns the Parelli method "7 games" under the mentorship of Hana Bobinac, Monty Roberts method "Join Up" and attends seminars and workshops of their licensed trainers. Since 2014, Maja has been training with Liz Eaton, BHS trainer, Equitation with Empathy. With the aim of learning the gentle and gradual proper physical development of horses, Maja has been training since 2019 with Kenneth Vansweevelt, Academic Art of Riding and Marjolein Curry whose horse training is based on relaxation, synchronization and body language and the energy we send out. Maja is also interested in how to interpret and use the theory of 5 elements in coexistence and work with horses and has been researching this topic with Jele Dominis (Shiatsu for horses) since 2017.


In addition to working with horses, Maja's great passion is also teaching. From 2009 to 2014, Maja worked as an instructor at the Pony Express riding school, where she started riding herself. Since 2015, Maja has been working as a freelancer: she rides horses, gives private and group lessons, rehabilitates and trains horses, organizes lectures and continuously improves herself.

"Horses taught me how to look at each new day with curiosity, instead of expectations. Such a way of seeing brought me ease and much more joy, not only in working with horses, but also in life in general."


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Hana Bobinac

Hana has a degree in engineering, she was born in Zagreb in 1978.
She started working with horses as a child in 1989 at the Zagreb Hippodrome. Just as dressage delighted her with the beauty of movement, so did cross-country riding beckon her with its unlimited freedom. However, the most interesting thing for her was always the horse's behavior, and finding answers to questions like "Why does that horse behave like that?"  and how to establish an even  better relationship with the horse.
Hana worked and trained with trainers in Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and England where she developed many skills crucial for good horsemanship. The coaches who helped her the most in her progress are Terri Martinus, Liz Eaton, Mark Rashid, Angelika Schneider, Bernie Zambail, Anna Kerckhoff de Sacchi, Pru Clayton-Mead and Vanessa Bee.
He began studying natural horsemanship in 2006 and continues to regularly attend various workshops and seminars.
Especially important teachers are her two horses, Perun and Zeko, who showed her how to look at each new day with curiosity, instead of with expectations. Such a way of seeing brought her ease and much more joy, not only in working with horses, but also in life in general.

Hana and Perun are currently on the 3rd level (Level 3) of the Parelli program.
Hana has been a licensed Horse Agility instructor since 2012, and in the same year she founded the Croatian Horse Agility club, which promotes this new sport discipline. 

"The saying that best describes my feeling with horses is: While two legs move our body, four legs move our soul."


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Josipa Vranjkovic.png
Josipa Vranjković M.A.

She was born in 1990 in Vinkovci.

He will receive his higher education in 2016 at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Her love and fascination with horses follows her from her earliest memories. She believes that she inherited this love from her father. Još always remembers the moment when, as a little girl, she touched the magical white Lipizzaner for the first time, when love officially began.

From the very beginning, she paid the most attention to spending quality time with the horses and longed for clearer communication with them. So naturally horse riding was a logical step in her equestrian life.

2015. she meets Maja Živanović, who introduces her to the world of natural horse breeding.

He considers that year the biggest turning point in his life.

Reading literature and attending workshops and seminars on the subject of horse psychology and behavior not only taught her how to understand and accept another species but also bb3b-136bad5cf58d_accept yourself and work on personal development.

2016. Sharing a common vision of education on the topic of a natural approach to horses, together with Maja and Hana, they decide to establish the Unicorn Project.

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